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How to Measure

How to Measure your Pet

To measure your pet, use a cloth tape measure and wrap it around the pet's waist area making sure the tape is covering their pee-pee or waist area. Do not pull the tape too tightly as you will need a bit of room for an incontinent pad (i.e., Poise). Record the measurement and order according to your pet's specific waist size.

Belly Band for Boys Sizes:

    Extra Small fits: 9 - 10 inch waist
      Small fits: 11 - 12 inch waist
      Medium fits: 13 - 15 inch waist
      Large fits: 16 - 18 inch waist
      Extra Large fits: 19 - 21 inch waist
      XX Large fits: 22 - 25 inch waist

    If you need additional or speciality sizes for Bands, please use our "Contact Us" button to let us know. PLEASE NOTE: Sizes exceeding those listed may be subject to an additional fee and limited fabric selection. Also, EXCHANGES ARE SUBJECT TO POSTAL CHARGE, AND WILL NOT BE MAILED UNTIL RETURNS ARE RECEIVED AND PAYMENT MADE FOR POSTAGE.

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